JEToP – Junior Enterprise Torino Politecnico – is a Junior Enterprise, apolitical and no-profit association run by students with the goal of creating a direct link between university and work. Starting to establish itself in the nineties, the Junior Enterprise acquired more and more visibility and prestige by issuing its presence in a worldwide network: JADE. JADE Italy is the Italian confederation of Junior Enterprise. Its purpose is to spread the concept of JE in our country, build brand awareness and reputation with companies, institutions, universities and students and offer for the Italian Junior Enterprises services such as training and legal advice. Nowadays, Italy has 14 Junior Enterprises, with other organizations in the process of becoming one, and more than 500 Junior Entrepreneurs. 14 national Networks in Europe refer to JADE, for a total of over 280 Junior Enterprise in our continent, with over 22,000 students.

In a first moment, JEToP presented itself as strongly focused on the engineering and technology areas. These skills have been proved in 1996, at the Second National Congress of Junior Enterprises held in Pescara, here JEToP won the 1st Prize for the Best Project in the field of urban-organization and was ranked as Junior Finalist in Engineering and Computer Science. Moreover JEToP has received many awards from JADE Italy thanks to its professional skills and efforts in organizing JADE’s May Event in 2007, 2008 and 2010 , which led to the title of best Italian Junior Enterprise in 2010 / 11 .During the years JEToP developed a deep knowledge and expertise in project management, human resources and event organization, which has become the core business of our Junior Enterprise. JEToP has created the first career day in Italy, Carriera&Futuro, which has been for more than twenty years a strong point of reference for students looking for internships and work opportunities in companies like Accenture, Reply, FIAT, FCA, Bosch and ENI among the others. The event has been particularly successful, gaining also an important recognition: the medal of the Presidency of the Italian Republic, followed by the concession of the high Patronage from the most important political institution in Italy.

The members of the association have full responsibility in the management of projects that today cover the following areas: organization of events, market analysis, human resource management, IT services. Today’s most important project in JEToP is the WTT: Wearable Tech Torino, the first consumer based exhibition in Europe regarding wearable technologies, the event will gather startups and big companies to showcase their products and will be preceded by an Hackathon on wearable devices.

Our team, composed exclusively by students of Politecnico di Torino university has learned to take the best capabilities of each member, these skills are then extended with the exchange of experiences with other JE and training followed by partner companies. Our goal is to give to each client the best service by combining our knowledge in engineering and management.