The Wearable market is rapidly expanding and, for this reason, it is always open to new challenges and looking for new areas of application. This is why the WTT - Wearable Tech Torino It is not only an exhibition enriched by workshops and conferences, but will also include, exactly a week before, on the 14th and 15th of November, a hackathon devoted to wearable technologies.

An event that aims to create new paradigms in terms of both software, but also at the level of hardware, By promoting possible new realities for the future of this technology.

Participants will have a little less than 36 hours of time to develop a working prototype; the location of the event will be the I3P, The Innovative Companies Incubator of the Politecnico of Turin, as well as technical partner of the competition, with the help of Treatabit. The components will be provided by three multinational business realities, also partners of the event; components and sensors will be provided by STMicroelectronics, the devices from Google, through GDG Turin.

The 130 participants will be divided into teams, formed by mentors from Google, Microsoft and STMicroelectronics, they will work to develop a prototype that shows the features of a new software solution in the field, developing on Android Wear, Or of a new wearable developed on ST Nucleo.

The winning team of the competition will be awarded during the closing ceremony of the WTT, getting the opportunity to present their ideas in front of an audience of managers, business angels and journalists. That is not all. The best software idea will be awarded with one smartwatch and € 150 advertising on Google Play to launch its own application, while the best hardware idea will receive a voucher of € 150 to spend on the purchase of sensors from Adafruit and a voucher of € 350 for the realization of development boards. I3P will also give to one of the teams the opportunity to enjoy a period of free pre-incubation.